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Buses from Ilha Grande to Buzios

If you want to travel from Ilha Grande to Buzios, you’ll need to either take a public ferry and two local busses, or there is a transfer departing daily from Ilha Grande. Taking local transport involves crossing from the island to the mainland and then making your way to where the buses depart for Rio. Once you have arrived to the Rio terminal you will have to take another bus to Buzios. By taking the daily transfer, you can get on a speed boat and meet a van which drives to the Rio international airport, and then you take a second van to your accommodation in Buzios.

Ilha Grande to Buzios Route

How do you get from Ilha Grande to Buzios by ferry and two local busses?

You can take the boat from Ilha Grande to one of three port towns on the Brazilian mainland, and then you take a bus to Rio de Janeiro, before another bus to Buzios.   If you take a ferry to either Mangaratiba, Conceição de Jacareí, or Angra dos Reis, you then need to go to where the Costa Verde buses depart for Rio. Their buses are modern, equiped with onboard lavatories and depart every day from 07:00am until 21:00pm. Costa Verde buses arrive to the Terminal Rodoviário Novo Rio in Rio de Janeiro and departure times can be found at their website:


Once at the Terminal Novo Rio in Rio de Janeiro you will have to change for a bus to Buzios. There are many buses leaving to Buzios from between 08:00am and 20:30pm. The bus company Auto Viação 1001 covers this route. Departure times can be found on their website:

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Daily Transfer from Ilha Grande to Buzios

By booking through the Green Toad you take an include boat to the mainland and then a van which will drop you off at the Rio International airport where you swap vans for the final journey to your accommodation in Buzios. There is 1 transfers per day which departs from the Abraao central dock at 09:30am and arrives to Rio at 17:00pm approximately.


For more information about the transfer go to this link:  Buzios Transfers.

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