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Buses from Ilha Grande to Paraty

Ilha Grande to Paraty Route

For getting from Ilha Grande to Paraty you have the option of taking a public ferry and local bus, or taking a daily transfer. When taking the local transport option you cross from Ilha Grande to the mainland by ferry to the township Angra dos Reis, and then make your way to the bus stop before catching a bus to Paraty. By taking one of the daily transfers, you take a pre-arranged boat from Abraao on Ilha Grande to the mainland, and then hop onto an awaiting van which will drop-off at your accommodation in Paraty.

How do you get from Ilha Grande to Paraty via Angra do Reis by ferry and bus?

The reliable but slower large ferry departs Vila do Abraão pier everyday at 10:00am and costs R$7 on the week days, but double that on weekends. The crossing takes about an hour and forty-five minutes arriving to the Cais da Lapa dock.


There are catamarans that depart sevral times a day from the Abraao pier, but with a higher cost. But it is worth it because the crossing only takes 45 minutes and you arrive to the Santa Luzia pier in Angra dos Ries. Other options include private schooners, which have no fixed schedule.


Once you reach Angra dos Reis, you must make your way to where the Colitur buses depart for Paraty. They operate pretty much hourly from 6 am to 11 pm daily, but you are unable to pre-book a seat, instead you must get there before the bus fills-up and pay the fare directly to the attendant. The bus takes about 2.5 hours and drops you off at the main Paraty bus terminal.

Daily Transfer from Ilha Grande to Paraty

You can reserve a more convienient transfer through the Green Toad which includes your boat from Ilha Grande to the mainland and then a 2 hour van transfer which will drop you off at your accommodation in Paraty.


There are 2 transfers per day which depart from the Abraao central dock, the first departs at 10:00am and the second at 13:30pm. The trip takes aproximately 3 hours and they make drop offs in the township of Paraty or nearby Jabaquara only.  If staying outside of Paraty, you can ask to be dropped at the loacal bus stop or a taxi rank. 


For more information about the transfer go to this link:  Paraty Transfers.

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