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Buses from Paraty to Ilha Grande

If you are in Paraty and want to travel to Ilha Grande you’ll have to access it by local bus and a public ferry, or take a daily transfer from Paraty. Taking local transport involves catching a bus to Angra dos Reis, and then maiking your way to the boat terminal to cross the to the island by ferry to the township of Vila do Abraão. By taking one of the daily transfer, you will be picked up from the door of your accommodation in Paraty and driven in a 10 seater van to the docks closest to Ilha Grande where you hop onto a boat to reach the Island. 

Paraty to Ilha Grande Route

How do you get from Paraty to Ilha Grande via Angra do Reis?

Colitur buses ply between Paraty and Angra on the hour from 6 am to 11 am daily. The Paraty Bus terminal is officially called Terminal Rodoviário Vereador Agílio Ramos, but everyone locally just calls it the Rodoviaria. The terminal is located about 5 to 6 blocks from the famous Historical Centre on Rua Jango Pádua, s/n - Parque Imperial. Ph#: (24) 3371-1224.


Angra dos Reis has three piers which are called Cais in Portuguese: 


  • Cais da Lapa - This is the dock located furthest from the bus terminal, but the daily ferry from Ilha Grande to Vila do Abraão leave from here. This is the cheapest and most reliable service. 

  • Cais de Santa Luzia - This is the area in the middle of the waterfront where you travel with the faster Catamarans or contracted boats to Vila do Abraão, plus Saco do Bananal, Enseada de Sítio Forte, Araçatiba and Provetá.

  • Cais de Turismo - Here you can contract boats to Saco do Bananal, Enseada de Sítio Forte and Araçatiba.


The large ferry departs Anga dos Reis pier from Monday to Friday at 15:30 and costs R$7 during the week days.  On the weekends and public holidays the departure is 13:30 and doubles in price. The crossing takes about 1:45 hours and you arrive to Vila do Abraão.


There are catamarans at higher prices but with upgraded amenities, such as the Catamaran IGT, connecting Angra with Ilha Grande in only 45 minutes (R$ 25). Other options include private schooners, which have no fixed schedule at an average price of R$ 15 but they only depart with a few people.


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Daily Transfer from Paraty to Ilha Grande

The Green Toad can reserve you a private transfer from Paraty to Ilha Grande. You will be picked up from your accommodation in Paraty and transfered by van to the closest point to the island where you will have an included boat ride to Ilha Grande, arriving at the Aquario Hostel docks. This is a pooled transfer where the driver picks up from accommodation all over Paraty & nearby Jabaquara. 


Note: the boat arrives to Ilha Grande at the Aquario Hostel docks which is a 10 minute walk from the centre of Villa de Abraao (main population on the island). Walking to the centre is via sandy trails and not suited to baggage on wheels.


There is 1 transfers per day which depart from the Paraty at 11:00am and arrives to Ilha Grande at 14:00pm approximately.


For more information about the transfer go to this link:  Ilha Grande Transfers.

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