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Buses from Ilha Grande to Sao Paulo

From Ilha Grande to Sao Paulo you can either get there by taking a public ferry and a local bus, or by taking a transfer from Ilha Grande to Paraty, and then an overnight bus to Sao Paulo.


Taking local transport involves taking the ferry from the township of Vila do Abraão over to the mainland port of Angra dos Reis, and then making your way to the bus terminal and catching a bus to Sao Paulo.


If you would prefer to first transfer to Paraty, you can take one of the daily departures from Ilha Grande to the mainland where a van will be waiting to take you to Paraty where you can also take a bus to Sao Paulo.  If you take the overnight bus from Paraty, this gives you time to explore the historic centre of Paraty before your departure, which is a great way to break up the trip.

Ilha Grande to Sao Paulo Route

How do you get from Ilha Grande to Sao Paulo via Angra do Reis?

Taking a boat from Ilha Grande to Angra dos Reis is the first step in the journey to Sao Paulo. You can opt for the daily large ferry which departs Vila do Abraão pier at 10:00 and takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, arriving to the docks called Cais da Lapa.


There are faster catamarans which cost more, are quicker and have more departures, and these connect Ilha Grande with Angra in only 45 minutes. 


Reunidas Paulistas has departures from Angra dos Reis to the Sao Paulo Tiete Bus Terminal about five times per day between 08:00am and 22:00pm and they take approximately 10 hours to get to the Sao Paulo bus terminal. The bus station of Angra dos Reis (Terminal Rodoviário Nilton Barbosa) is located on "Praia da Chácara", its about 2.5 km from where the boats from Ilha Grande arrive which is about a 30 minute walk or around R$20 by taxi. The terminal address is Av. Almirante Jair Carneiro Toscano de Brito, s/nº - Balneário - CEP: 23906-805. And the Ph#: (24) 3365-2041.


Daily Transfer from Ilha Grande to Sao Paulo

Through the Green Toad, you can also reserve a boat & van transfer from Ilha Grande to Paraty, where a ticket on a bus to Sao Paulo will be waiting for you at the Paraty terminal.


There are 2 transfers per day which depart from the Abraao central dock at 10:00am & 13:30pm.  The earlier departure allows you to take an afternoon bus to Sao Paulo, and the later  is only if you want to take the 23:30 overnight bus that will get you into Sao Paulo the following day at around 5:30am. This option allows you to explore the Paraty Historic centre for the evening before your onward travel. If you wish to stay longer in Paraty you can choose a bus departure for the following day.


For more information about the transfer go to this link:  Sao Paulo Transfers.

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