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Buses from Sao Paulo to Bonito

To travel from Sao Paulo to Bonito you will need to take a bus to Campo Grande and then change to a different company in Bonito. There are two bus lines with semi recrinable sits running 7 times a day from Sao Paulo to Campo Grande, and one bus line running 3 times a day from Campo Grande to Bonito.

Sao Paulo to Bonito (via Campo Grande) Bus Route

The bus ride between Sao Paulo and Campo Grande lasts approximately 17 hours, from Campo Grande to Bonito it takes approximately 6 hours.


Two companies offer the Sao Paulo to Campo Grande direct route leaving from Terminal Rodoviário Tietê (Sao Paulo's main bus terminal):



Classes of buses used on this route are:


  • Convencional - Semi-bed half recline


One company offers the Campo Grande to Bonito direct route leaving from Rodoviaria Campo Grande (Campo Grande main bus terminal), and arriving at Viação Cruzeiro do Sul (Bonito bus terminal):



The only class of buses avaliable on this route is:


  • Convencional - Semi-bed half recline


Remember to arrive to the Tiete Terminal at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure because you will need to redeem your ticket at the Ticket Desk of your chosen company;  there they will also tell you which is the boarding platform for this particular trip. We suggest you to take something to drink and eat since there are no snacks or drinks onboard and some of the buses won’t stop at all. Also take a coat or jacket with you as the air conditioning is usually very strong. All the buses are equipped with onboard W/C.


To purchase a ticket online directly you may need a CPF number which is like a Brazilian Tax File number.

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